Unity Light Bible College 
Unity Light Bible College's Pastoral Leadership Degrees program offers vocational and
bi-vocational ministry courses in pastoral care, preaching, leadership, and church administration. Graduates will be equipped to lead and serve in various pastoral roles, fostering spiritual growth and community within their congregations.
                                           Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Leadership (B.PL.)                                                                               Associate in Arts in Pastoral Leadership (A.PL.) 
Unity Light Bible College offers Christian Ministry Degrees, preparing students for vocational opportunities in Christian ministry. These degrees equip students with biblical and theological concepts, practical skills in pastoral care, leadership, and evangelism, and emphasize spiritual formation and personal growth for a lifetime of service in the church and beyond.
                                               Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership (B. CL.)
                                             Associate in Arts in Christian Leadership (A.CL.)  
Unity Light University College offers a Bachelor of Ministry Degree, focusing on Christian ministry, Old and New Testament applications, and leadership training. The curriculum emphasizes spiritual formation, ethical decision-making, and cultural awareness, preparing graduates to effectively lead in churches, non-profit organizations, and faith-based institutions.
                                                 Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min.)
Biblical Studies 
Christian Education
Biblical Counseling
Evangelism & Church Planting
Unity Light Theological Seminary
Unity Light Theological Seminary is a mission-focused gospel program that equips students with spiritual gifts and spiritual skills for Christian ministry and missions. The program aims to expand students' understanding of God and explore various Christian service fields. The seminary's dedication to academic achievement and spiritual development ensures graduates are well-equipped to make a positive difference in the world and lead lives that reflect Christ's teachings and values.

Graduate Program
Master of Arts in Theological Studies (M.A.T.S.)
Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (M.A.C.L.)
Master of Ministry (M.Min.)

Doctoral Program
Doctor of Divinity-DD